Notes on the biology and the pest status of Antispila sp. (Lepidoptera: Heliozelidae)in North-eastern Italy


Abstract: Recently, the Nearctic leafminer Antispila sp. (Lepidoptera: Heliozelidae) has beenreported as a new invasive pest in North-Italian vineyards. It has been widely detected in theTrentino and Veneto Regions, both in unsprayed and commercial vineyards. Morphological andmolecular studies strongly suggest an American origin of this species. The life cycle of Antispilasp. has been investigated in two vineyards located in Trentino and Veneto Regions in 2010. Twoto three generations can be completed annually depending on environmental conditions. Theimpact of natural antagonists in controlling Antispila sp. populations appeared to be low tomoderate. The incidence of infestation can reach significant levels with possible implications foryields.

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