Pest management in vegetable production in “masseira” fields region


Abstract: In the northwest of Portugal, by the seaside, there is a system of modulating the landnamed “masseira”. In 1997 this area was classified as vulnerable. For decades, thousands of tonesof vegetables have been produced here. But now farmers are concerned about the growingimportance of some pests like white fly. Also a new pests as Epitrix similaris and Tuta absolutahave recently been spotted.. Farmers undertake integrated pest management and follow goodagricultural practices. Increasing problems with pests are warning signs that the productionsystem must change. A new production system is needed and we think that to have a sustainablesystem, more land should be dedicated to vegetable production. It can be an opportunity for someof the area planted with corn and fodder crops for dairy cattle to change to vegetable production.The demand for vegetables will not decrease but the system of production has to change.

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