Preliminary study of predatory insects fauna in ecological infrastructureof Ravni kotari (Croatia) vineyards


Abstract: One of the most important elements of ecological and integrated grape production arestabile ecolological infrastructures. It is necessary to know which species of beneficial insects arerepresented in ecological infrastructures in vineyards. Result of a one year preliminaryinvestigation are shown in this paper. During one vegetational season a total of 127 predatoryinsects belonging to 9 families (Anthocoridae, Cantharidae, Carabidae, Chrysopidae,Coccinellidae, Lygaeidae, Miridae, Nabidae and Syrphidae) were collected at three localities withdifferent production technologies. The highest number of 77 insect individuals belonging to 8families were collected at Baštica which operates an integrated production technology, probablybecause the vegetational richness was higher than the other two sites.

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