Review of biopesticide products for greenhouse production systems in the United States


Abstract: In the coming decades, biopesticides are projected to outpace conventional pesticides in market growth and number of new product registrations in the U.S. We identified 40 active ingredients representing at least 58 products currently registered for use in greenhouses in the U.S. Among them, 26 microbial products based on specific strains of fungi and bacteria and derived metabolites are registered as both selective and broad spectrum insecticides and fungicides. Additionally, 32 products based on various plant extracts, minerals and other naturally occurring substances are registered as biopesticides to manage phytophagous insects, mites, nematodes as well as fungal and bacterial pathogens and weeds in greenhouses. Many of these are certified for organic use and most have 4 hours or less restricted entry intervals. Biopesticides (including pending product registrations) represents a surge in available materials for growers to manage common arthropod pests and diseases in protected crops.

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