Six pests at once: field evaluation of a new multipurpose dispenser for mating disruption of codling moth and leafrollers


Abstract: A new mating disruption formulation, containing codling moth Cydia pomonella and leafrollers (including eye-spotted bud moth, Spilonota ocellana) pheromone components was tested in apple orchards during 2012. Parameters such as communication disruption in field cages, monitoring trap shutdown and damage at harvest were considered as efficacy indicators. The new product significantly reduced the rate of communication disruption for a tested leafroller (Adoxophyes orana) and for the codling moth. The permeation of the orchards with the test formulation significantly decreased the number of catches in monitoring traps, both for leafrollers and codling moth. The level of damage caused by leafrollers was significantly lowered in pheromone-treated compared to untreated plots. Due to very low population levels in 2012, no significant effect on codling moth damage could be detected. Additional field experiments are needed to assess the efficacy of this blend on the target pests.

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