Suitability of two different trap types for catching aphid antagonists and pollinators


Abstract: We tested two trap types with regard to their suitability for collecting aphid antagonists(hoverflies, ladybirds and lacewings) and important pollinators (wild bees and honey bees). Inthree habitat types – hedgerow margins, extensively managed meadows and winter wheat fields –, one window trap and two cornet traps (one with an eastward and one with a westward opening)were exposed between mid-April and mid-June 2011 and the collecting bottles emptied weekly.Data collection was replicated ten times in one region in Northern Switzerland.Insect groups responded differently to habitat types. Moreover, trap type had a significantinfluence on insects caught, with significantly more insects being collected with the cornet trapsthan with the window traps. According to our findings, cornet traps appear to be suitable forcollecting various insect groups, whilst window traps cannot be recommended for the insectsstudied.

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