Systemic effects of fungal endophyte seed treatment on the developmentof the spotted stalk borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe)


Abstract: Greenhouse experiments were undertaken to investigate the systemic effects of cerealassociated fungal endophytes on the development of Chilo partellus neonates in maize. Maizeseeds were treated with seven endophytic fungal isolates and infested with C. partellus neonates,17 days after emergence. The results indicate that seed treatment with endophytic strainsE3RF20, S4ST7, S4SU1 and G1LU3 adversely affected larval feeding and development,resulting in less dead hearts and damage as compared to the untreated controls, four weeks afterinfestation. Thus, seed treatment with the above isolates show promise for early protection ofmaize seedlings. However, field studies under subsistence farming conditions in the subtropicaland tropical environments are warranted if these isolates are to be considered as an IPM tool forlessening yield reductions attributed to stem borers.

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