The ecology of Harmonia axyridis in its native range


Abstract: Harmonia axyridis now distributes at temperate zone of the Northern and Southernhemisphere. Furthermore, H. axyridis is believed to be giving large negative impacts on theaphidophagous guilds at the invaded area. However, H. axyridis gives only small impact onaphidophagous guilds, with coexisting with other predators, at northeastern Asia where is thenative range. This may be largely caused by the species-specific characteristics of populationmechanisms as a predator, and the native habitats, in H. axyridis. In Japan, H. axyridis, with highability of prey searching and reproduction, and with the density-dependent and self-regulatorypopulation regulation through various types of cannibalism, maintains a stable population inheterogeneous and temporal habitats. Therefore, the habitat heterogeneity may play an importantrole on the coexistence of other predators with H. axyridis at the native range.

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