The field margin vegetation as a bridge for the predatory mite (Phytoseiidae)migration into strawberry plantations


Abstract: The aim of the research was to describe the species composition of plant groups onfield margins of selected strawberry plantations, and to record which species have influence onthe preservation of beneficial mites. The samples from selected herbaceous plants, shrubs andtrees were collected from June to the beginning of September. Field observations carried out on15 plantations in four regions of Poland showed variation in the abundance of predatoryphytoseiid mites on various plant species grown in the surroundings of strawberry crop. Someedge effect was observed. Enhancing the role of natural enemies should fill the gap created bypresent restrictive use of pesticides in strawberry crops. The management of pests on soft fruitplantations affected phytoseiid diversity both in the field and on surrounding plants.

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