The health status of cork oak acorns in Tunisia


Abstract: This work aims to evaluate the health status of cork oak acorns in five forests in northwestern Tunisia. After their collection, acorns were sorted as healthy and infested, measured (weight, length and diameter), and sorted for identifying damaging pests. Infested acorns were classified according to the number and size of holes. The acorns sampled in Mejen Essaf and Khroufa forests were less infested than those sampled in other sites. Percentages of infested acorns were 4.23% in Mejen Essaf and 18% in Khroufa. Cydia sp. and Curculio sp. were recognized as the damaging species and caused from 1 to 4 holes per acorn. Cydia sp. was the main pest with an average infestation ranging from 63.76% in Bellif to 82.53% in Dar Fatma. Holes due to Cydia sp. were lower than those caused by Curculio sp. Our results shed the light of improving monitoring and control against acorn pests as a measure of preservation.

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