Ph.D. Fellowship. Insect Behavior and Physiology University of Lleida (Spain)

The European grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana is a pest of grapevines worldwide. The candidate will perform behavioral and electrophysiological tests under laboratory and field conditions to determine the effect of chemosensory cues on moth oviposition and mating behavior.

More information and application at:
Application deadline: April 30, 2024.

Recent publications from the lab: 

  • Amat, C., Prasad, R., and Gemeno, C. 2024. Ovipositional responses of tortricid moths to sugars, salts and neem oil. Scientific Reports (in press) 
  • Martín-Gabarrella, A., Gemeno, C., and Belušič, G. 2023. Spectral sensitivity of retinal photoreceptors of tortricid moths is not tuned to diel activity period. Journal of Experimental Biology, 226(15), jeb245461. 
  • Amat, C., Marion-Poll, F., Navarro-Roldán, M.A. and Gemeno, C. 2022. Gustatory function of sensilla chaetica on the labial palps and antennae of three tortricid moths (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Scientific Reports 12, 18882.
  • Pérez-Aparicio, A., Ammagarahalli, B. and Gemeno, C. 2022. A closer look at sex pheromone autodetection in the Oriental fruit moth. Scientific Reports 12, 7019.
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