Short CV

Born in 1960, Italian.
University Degree in Agricultural science in University of Bologna.

Employed by Emilia-Romagna Regional government is in charge of planning, organisation and co-ordination/ management of activity of research/ experimentation and technical support in the sector of the cultivation with particular reference to:

  • Integrated protection / biological and integrated production aimed to the reduction of the environmental impact from pesticides and fertilisers including (including definition of regional guidelines of integrated production, planning regional application of agroenvironemental measures under Regg. CEE 2078/ 92, CE 1257/99, 1698/06)
  • Information systems to support of programs of research/ experimentation and of technical advisory service (data base on agronomic data/ biologic and meteorological, forecasting models);
  • POD and PGI registration procedures and other quality schemes.
  • Connection with corporate body and scientific and administrative national and international Institutions for development common initiatives.

From 1985 member of several IOBC-WPRS WGs. Elected, in the 1.1.1996, from the OILB (International organisation for biological and integrated control of noxious animals) member of the “IP Commission: Guidelines and endorsement”; in this role he has participated to the institutional meetings held and edited the General principles and Crop specific Guidelines for integrated production of pome, stone and soft fruits, arable crops, open field vegetables, olives and grapes. Member of OILB/WPRS Council during the period 1997/2001 and 2002/2005.

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